How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

We’ve all done it. For weeks or months before the big trip, dieting and exercising to look your best in that bikini or summer wear that has been in storage all winter. You look amazing and feel great but what now? Should all of the hard work be forgotten then moment you step on the plane?

Your body is accustomed to healthy habits. Over-indulgences in alcohol and poor food choices could ruin an otherwise perfect trip. You can still enjoy your favorite cocktails and foods but the key is to plan ahead and be prepared to maintain some of the healthy habits you created prior to your trip.

Here are some tips that will help to keep you feeling great:

  • Enjoy your vacation, don’t be obsessive about maintaining your diet or exercise routine.
  • Buffets can be scary for those who are trying to eat healthy. Especially the ones that you find at all inclusive resorts. There seems to be so much amazing food, it’s hard to know where to start. The key to overcoming this is to start with healthy greens and veggies first to fight off the hunger. It will be easier to eat the other tempting foods in moderation then.
  • Let yourself indulge in fun foods, remember this is a vacation, but at the same time try to make smart choices. Try to be 80% good and 20% bad.
  • Eat everything slowly and in small portions
  • Use small plates at the buffet instead of the large dinner plates
  • Bring some healthy snacks from home to have on hand such as nuts or seeds, especially if you are going out of the country.
  • Try to do activity each day to increase your heart rate and keep your body moving. Take a fast stroll on the beach, run the resort grounds or climb some stairs.
  • Don’t overdo it with the fruity drinks and soda. Fruit juice contains an extreme amount of sugar and even though the local rum punch tastes yummy, keep those drinks to a minimum. Try adding club soda with fresh lemon or lime juice or even tonic to your drinks instead. This will also help you feel better the next morning.
  • Remember to drink A LOT of water each day. The recommended daily intake is half of your body weight in ounces. This should then be increased if you are in a hot climate and will be sweating or in the sun often. If the resorts do not provide enough bottled water, try to take a trip to a local grocery store and purchase several gallons to keep in your room.
  • If you notice that you’re feeling tired or sluggish, try to add more vegetables and fruits into your day and cut some of the sugar and carbs out.

Staying aware of your healthy habits while on vacation will create a smooth transition back into routine once you return back home. Often times, we fall back into bad habits and indulgences while on vacation and find that it is very difficult to resume a healthy lifestyle when we return.

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