How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

We’ve all done it. For weeks or months before the big trip, dieting and exercising to look your best in that bikini or summer wear that has been in storage all winter. You look amazing and feel great but what now? Should all of the hard work be forgotten then moment you step on the plane?

Your body is accustomed to healthy habits. Over-indulgences in alcohol and poor food choices could ruin an otherwise perfect trip. You can still enjoy your favorite cocktails and foods but the key is to plan ahead and be prepared to maintain some of the healthy habits you created prior to your trip.

“How to Stay Healthy on Vacation”

Everything you need to know about green smoothies and juicing!

What are green smoothies and juices? Green smoothies contain primarily leafy greens and vegetables with a little fruit added for sweetness. Because fruit contains high levels of natural sugar, it is wise to try to keep the ratio to at least 60% vegetables and less than 40% fruit. You will be surprised how much a little fruit will sweeten it up.

“Everything you need to know about green smoothies and juicing!”

My Story

I started my battle with food over 30 years ago. After a traumatic event at age 12, I adopted multiple eating disorders. As I grew older, I began to find comfort in food which began my cycle of food addiction, bulimia, and over eating. I never felt that I was sick or that it was clinical. For me, this was just an embarrassing part of my life that I needed to hide from everyone around me.

“My Story”